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Zona de premsa

Flix, where the Ebro passes twice


This March has been published an advertisement of Flix so that people who have never visited our town, can make a virtual tour of all that they can find if they come to Flix and spend a few days: outdoor activities, streets full of tradition, river sports, incomparable landscapes, festivals and culture...


Visit Flix on-line


New accreditation award for the Vilar Riu de Baix


The 7th of March 2012 the Vilar Riu de Baix was awarded by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Food and also by the intercomarcal Consortium of socioeconomic initiatives for the implementation of a improvement program of our organization in accordance with the commitments of the Social Responsibility Code of Sustainable Management, under the 2010 call. This accreditation was given by the Honorable Minister Mr. Josep Maria Pilgrim.


This accreditation is the latest recognition for the Vilar Riu de Baix project, which joins others. Among them we would like to highlight the one received by the Business Confederation of the Province of Tarragona, to the best entrepreneurial business plan in 2011. We had received that in particular from the princes of Asturias and in the presence of President of the Government, the Honourable Mr. Artur Mas.


Sustainable Rural Management Project


The Vilar Riu de Baix resort is involved in the project "Sustainable Rural Management", driven by eighteen local action groups from Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Aragon.


The project intented to promote a new entrepreneurial culture through the implementation social responsibility policies.


It is currently implementing a plan that aims to develop actions in economic, environmental and social areas.


Some of the actions being carried out are:


  • In the economic sphere:

Developing a Strategic Plan with the objective of planning the company's long-term.

Implement a quality system.


  • In the environmental area:

Controlling energy consumption and CO2 emissions in order to quantify consumption and, if necessary, implement measures for energy savings.

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products to reduce environmental impacts.


  • In the social field:

Define the map of the stakeholders of the organization in order to determine the channels of communication and building rapport with suppliers, customers, workers, etc..



Territory custody


A part of the environment of the Vilar Riu de Baix is integrated in the territory custody project.  A project that the Natura Freixe group manages, like they do in the nature reserve of Sebes. This can be understood as a model or a tool to preserve natural and cultural values of the territory, including the traditional activities of their own place. Try to build the responsibility of owners and users of land in the conservation and proper land use and natural resources, cultural landscape. 



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